Don’t like them.

Never been one.

Even before my father ran off with a “homewrecker” himself, I never liked them.

There is not one “homewrecker” who isn’t a selfish, jealous, creepy little excuse for a human being. I finally realized that the only kind of man who falls for this type is someone just like them. No man with any dignity, self-respect or love for the woman they chose to spend the rest of their life with would give these obvious floozies a second glance. In fact, if one of them were to bother you, you would tell them to get lost. Everyone talks about STD’s but HIV & Syphilis are still out there kids. So are murders, usually perpetrated by the cheating partner or the homewrecker. Surprisingly, or maybe not, the injured party is less violent.

I have known a few women who fit the category “homewrecker” & they disgust me. One was a relative, one an in-law & another a close friend. The in-law once said I shouldn’t judge her til I walk in her shoes, she was divorced & widowed. Well I finally was & I didn’t make her same choice because I’m not a selfish bitch like she was.

One suffered from actual mental illness that she needed to be medicated for. It was during her street drug abuse times she was dangerous in other ways besides coming onto anything with a cock. The other two were strongly narcissistic who really didn’t care about anyone but themselves. They would be the first to throw a fit if any women did this to them, but hypocrisy works like this. It’s only bad if they are the injured party.

What disgusts me about this “type” of demon seed is they enjoy their work. Affairs are never “just one of those things” or “one thing led to another.” Sort of true that one lie, one manipulation led to more of the same but cheating on supposed loved ones never “just happens.” It takes cognitive thought & real effort to sneak around like that. These same cheaters somehow would never apply the same energy & effort to their current relationship which makes it all the more absurd.

Some try to excuse cheating because their partner has “let themselves go” or won’t have sex with them anymore. Nice try but those are reasons to tell your SO that you plan to file for divorce, or leave, if something doesn’t change. It’s not a reason to deceive them unless that is who you really are. For this reason, I truly believe that cheaters & homewreckers deserve each other. Who doesn’t deserve this is the betrayed partner & any children involved in that relationship.

I really fail to see the attraction to someone that disgusting. It’s like any other scuzzy, sleazy type of behavior. Why would you want you want to be with a person like that? Why would you want someone so cold blooded, jealous & deceptive in your life? How would having cheap sex with a creep be that much of a turn on? I could even see it if some of these tramps were super models or of that caliber but most are far from it. I get if you had the hots for the celebrity of your dreams & all of a sudden that became a reality for you. That is what I call temptation. Some other person coming on to you, when you have someone in your life already, I don’t get it. You know some are not sincere, right? You know some flirt because they are bored & having nothing to lose. To go along with some loser who has nothing while you have a lot to lose is just about as stupid & destructive as it gets.

I say this as someone who has NEVER been tempted to affairs whether I am married or single if the person coming on to me sexually was involved with someone else in any way. I am not that hard up or desperate. Apparently I have WAY too much genuine self-esteem to lower myself to a position to be used by anyone for any reason. I don’t like users or abusers & this type of behavior covers both using & abusing others. I refuse to be a part of it and have told married men that I considered it an insult to me that they would think I was the kind of woman to help them cheat on their spouse.

Guess what??? They all apologized to me & didn’t keep after me because I told them what I felt about it. I didn’t “hold back” to spare feelings that should not be spared. I gave that man something to think about instead of being “that woman” who doesn’t even love herself enough to want to be with a man that is free to love her the way she deserves to be loved. That is what true female empowerment looks like. Not seeing how notches you can put on some bedpost & bragging about it on TikTok.

I have no respect for anyone who caves to this kind of false flattery to the ego. If you are easily swayed to be with someone else when you’re already in a relationship you prove to the homewrecker & yourself, that your current relationship means less than nothing to you so why are you still with that person you’re cheating on? It tells the world that you should not be with your current partner because you don’t want to be. There’s no coming back from that. Even the most desperate, clingy doormat individuals will always hate you in their heart, even if they choose to stay with you after this kind of stunt. Any attention towards another sexually available person is disrespect to your current partner. You can’t talk or reason your way out of this fact. You can’t burn the candle at both ends without flaming out.

Some need the financial security marriage or partnership brings. You like the higher standard of living with both your incomes or there are children involved that need care. Some stay in relationships because they have been coerced in some way such as getting someone pregnant and you want to be in your child’s life but are not really happy with the “baby mama” choice because you were young and naive at the time. Sometimes you are unhappy from the start of a marriage because the person you married becomes Mr/Mrs Hyde most of the time instead of the charming Dr Jekyll you originally fell in love with and married.

Either way, you have to be a special kind of evil to lie, manipulate & deceive anyone for any reason. Especially if that person is in love with you & trusts you to feel the same about them because you have told them so. So good luck destroying everything for some bored homewrecker’s ego trip. Even if you are finally dumped by your duped partner & are free to be with your adultery partner, how long do you think that’s gonna last when the dynamics are completely changed & it’s no longer exciting & dangerous?

Independence Sunday

On lockdown.

There is nothing “free” about our country right now. I have NEVER seen such stupidity & open evil in my entire life. People used to be sneaky about their plans to destroy their enemy, but even as they are all being exposed, their friends that own the media continue to be silent in the hopes the brainwashed don’t find out or if they do, won’t give truth any credibility.

Jesus told us we all suck, in other words of course & He’s right. Man is not good by nature. Some that don’t believe in God follow His commandment to love one another & think they are just good all on their own. I believe if the evil ones of the world do manage to silence all Jesus ever told us, that we definitely would be monsters that only were good so we don’t get punished by our jailers who would no show mercy.

Yes….I really believe Christ to be the literal “Savior” of the world.

One of Those Nights

Wondering if I should move again.  Just not happy here but not unhappy either.

My wanderlust knows no bounds! Wish I had wings.

I think I need to start drinking, lol!  So jealous of those that can drink, enjoy it.  I never have.  It burns my mouth, I start to feel tired after a few sips, too many calories and a waste of money.

Love it out in the country, but sometimes I miss the noise, pollution and crime of the cities. Wait, no I don’t. I do miss the ability to shop and socialize with certain people that were always too busy for me even when I lived near them. To be fair, I was always too busy myself.

I really miss my sister!

As a writer and an artist, I am an introvert and empathic by nature.  It’s actually painful for me to socialize at times.  I love a good conversation with the right person but frankly most people bore me to tears or scare me.  Very few know how to actually converse about anything interesting, myself included unless I’m in the mood.  My sister was the extrovert and how I met some in my life that I would not have made the effort had she not been a part of my life and reached out to them.

Soon the summer will end….

and fall will begin….

My favorite time for some reason. Maybe all the pretty colors?
There’s that, Autumn colors, Pumpkin Spice, Pumpkin everything, warm woolen sweaters, bonfires, apples, cool crisp air that is so welcome after hot, humid summers.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Another “New” Year

Instead of filing bankruptcy in the beginning of 2014 as I should have, after losing my part time job at the end of 2013, I tried to hang onto my house just so I did not have to go through all the stuff I am now having to go through which is bankruptcy and foreclosure, having to downsize and pack up what remains and start living a completely different way of life.  So that kind of explains why I chose to try to find another job that never materialized and drain what little savings I once had to almost nothing in the vain attempt to stave off the inevitable as long as I could.  I can’t see any reason to stay here any longer since my balloon payments are due to begin this year and I would be paying an additional $450 or more a month.  I will be able to just make most of my bills, since I stopped making my mortgage payments now, with the small social security income I had to start drawing on earlier than I planned to.

I didn’t bother to rent my home out due to the amount of rent I would have had to charge this year and I was advised against just signing the house over or wasting my time seeing if a short sale would fly considering that I have two mortgages.  I will have to see how my foreclosure plays out to see where I’m actually going to be living when I leave here.  I have managed to get some applications in cities where I wanted to live, so depending on how soon I have to leave, and who has an opening at that same time, determines where I actually move to.  There is a place a few blocks away from my house that has a month to month lease option that sounds promising, though eventually I want to get out of this dirty city and all the memories.  Some of my family is still trying to talk me into moving to the upper most part of the Upper Peninsula in Michigan where they are now currently 20 below in wind chill and have already had over 2 feet of snow.  Snowfalls are beautiful, within reason, but I am no fan of winter.

Still no lotto wins, but I never give up hope and keep buying one for each major drawing in my area.  The Lottery is the carrot that dangles before the working rich and poor alike and the fact that I once knew someone who shared in one of the bigger jackpots, keeps me playing cause I know people can actually win it.

I can choose to move into a cheap apartment for people over a certain age that are income based because they have them all over.  I could also take out the remaining pension I have and purchase some little fixer-upper like one of my brothers did many years ago.  He made some low offer in cash that was accepted and it was his.  He did have to put a lot of money into it once he moved it though.  Money that I don’t have.  One of my other brothers could have done the same thing when he moved up by him this year, but decided to just rent a cheap but nice apartment with all utilities included in these, his declining years.

Tough call for me.

I am very handy myself and would have help from the rest of my family to make most repairs.  By draining my small pension I will only be short $150. per month as a monthly annuity that I would be applying to apartment living should I rent.  The taxes in some areas of the Upper Peninsula are super cheap, like $300 to $600 a year.  So I figure my monthly payment for my tax, insurance and utilities would be approximately $300 per month, which is cheaper than any apartment.  If I happen to get a money pit, then it will cost me a lot more than that and after a bankruptcy, if I needed credit for any major repair, my interest would be through the roof.

Or I could move to an apartment, like my one brother, in an area that is very popular with tourists and it will feel like I’m on vacation all the time.  I could really be free to do any free or cheap thing I feel like with no maintenance or responsibility and absolutely no snow-blowing all winter long!  Sometimes that sounds great to me, but I am so independent and used to love living creatively.  I guess if I go apartment, I might actually think of stopping Po’ Girl Shines since I have not been using it to make the kinds of posts I planned on initially and it does not look like many people see my posts.  I guess I really do have to blog or get off the spot this year.

I don’t want to just post an occasional pretty picture or a recipe.  I really wanted to be providing information that people could use.

I will see what happens.

Few examples of various art projects from years ago to current.  I love experimenting with various computer software on my photographs.  A couple were just fooling around on blank part of 35mm negatives and then scanning/printing them to see what they look like.