A Sign in The Rainbow?

You be the judge.

I have always called rainbows God’s promise for as long as I can remember.  The picture you see is from a batch of photos to be processed the morning of the nations worse blackout in the summer of 2003.  August 14th to be exact.  I dropped off about 10 rolls of film to be developed on my way to work that morning, only to have all the power go out in our area later that day.  I started wondering what condition my film might be in because of this.  Anyone who knows anything about processing film knows that timing is crucial or the film is ruined.  I prayed that my film did not get damaged but had to wait for days to find out because of the length the power outage lasted in my area.

All my pictures appeared to be ok as I began to examine them one by one.  I started going through them to find one large stain on a picture and found the negative was stained from chemical residue.  It appeared to me to be the figure of a king of olden times.  Actually like the times when Christ lived.  It appears to be a man with beard and crown in a robe holding a staff.  The image was created during a really odd manifestation of “power”, man literally lost his.  As a child of God, just sayin’.  

In the first picture I have only sharpened this image and cropped it so you can see what I’m referring to.  The second picture I negatived the image and enhanced the lines.   



Art Imitates Frida

I prefer using pastels for portraits.  There is a greater control over it.
I prefer using pastels for portraits. There is a greater control over it.


Attempt at portrait in acrylics.  Used to oils and even with medium to thin, didn't like the texture of the paints.
Attempt at portrait in acrylics. Used to oils and even with medium to thin, didn’t like the texture of the paints.


I always thought was Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits were so cool. I decided to try a series of self-portraits for the same reason she chose herself as the subject. The above is pastel and acrylics. More to come as they are created.

Weekly Photo Challenge: LUNCHTIME

Keep it simple, but real.

Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood got Lost in the Details

Really poking the last couple of weeks and not only has my neighborhood become lost in the details, but so has my brains because I swore I would not miss one of these challenges!

Since the “details” is fog, due to a very chilly and damp March so far, I have decided to upload some early spring flowers that I look in 2012 at the same time this year.  There are absolutely no early spring flowers here yet, but dare to dream!


Ghost in Garden Collage in Progress

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I still have much to do and will update after I feel there is something more to show.  I like to use photo transfers from my inkjet printer on all kinds of paper and cloth.  Computer software is great for making all kinds of special effects to customize your mixed media art.  I usually make a transfer off of construction paper or vellum due to the thickness of the paper.  I will just affix any pictures printed onto tracing paper with the paper, inkside down.  You have to be very careful when you are working with inkjet photos instead of laserjet, because they smear worse.  I always apply the medium to the canvas or the board and then affix the picture ink side down carefully in place so you don’t have to move it.  Then you are free to add additional medium to the top and edges to firm in place without any fear it will smear.

I know that I will be adding additional paint and perhaps stamping techniques, maybe even covering up some of the images that are already on the canvas.  I will sometimes work something over so much that it is no longer recognizable from the first creation.  Like any artist, I just keep working until I feel it is complete.  I do plan on adding more mixed media hardware and fabric as well.  

More to come.

Waiting 4 Spring!