Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.  Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.    Matthew 13:43

Let Your Light So Shine!


The way all free men are supposed to live.

Po’ Girl Shines is up and shining at last. I plan on writing about all kinds of things that have to do with saving money by living simply but well in my blog. The website is a quick overview of frugal living tips and information on everything from health to finances. There will be info on how to garden & safely store your bounty. I will advise how to clean and garden organically, provide hints and tips on how to cut costs in many areas of your life. I will show projects and give information needed to complete them in all areas of interior and exterior decorating, various arts, crafts & sewing. This is tried and true information that I have used most of my life and only now are other websites and TV programs promoting the way I have always lived. Since I am an expert on living on the cheap, I want to share what I know to help in any way I can now that things are really tough all over.

I want this website to encourage others to go from surviving to thriving without a lot of money that is normally wasted due to popular media hype and/or misinformation.  We receive continuous messages that we cannot live without certain products or services but in many cases we could take our lives to a higher and more satisfying level by doing more things ourselves, as we were meant to.

Man was not created to be micro-managed by other men.  God did not intend for wars and abuse, but for all of his people to love one another.  Man is not supposed to be pitted against one another in some mad race that can never be won.  Life is not a competition.  We are here, with all living things, to live in harmony and it cannot be any other way.  We need to have enough genuine love and self-confidence so that we do not feel the need to topple or control others.  We are supposed to gently admonish those that go astray.  I have nothing to say regarding those that entertain or commit actual evil.

There are so many things that we can do at this time to help one another.  The first is to help yourself so that you can be a help to others that actually need it.  Our society needs to be reorganized to allow for actual freedom and to stop thinking of people as consumers.  There has been a steady downfall of civilization since mass consumerism and capitalism has become the way of the world.  The fact that healthcare is big business in America means that profits are the most important thing.  This fact alone makes modern medicine potentially dangerous.  God knew what He was doing when He created everything.  Man knows nothing, but thinks he does.  No one should get rich off of another person’s misery and never should financial burden be added to those that are ill or dying or to their families.  Most of us would be better off with much less meddling in our lives and health by people who are touted as experts but whose findings are speculative at best.  We would be better off not being involved in all the experimentation and without many of the medications that are now considered the norm.  If man just ate real food the sun shines on without pesticides, not packaged or processed, exercised and decreased some of the stress the world’s demands cause they wouldn’t need much doctoring.  Stress and obesity are the leading cause of most illness now treated.  Since I know that overeating is caused by stress that makes stress the real culprit and other men the major cause.  This brings us back to the Golden Rule.

We are not supposed to exist for someone else’s material benefit.  To be expected to purchase material objects at a specific rate is not fair or realistic.  It is certainly no way to live nor a way for any nation to base their economy.  I have a problem with the way our world has decided to have men waste their lives in factories that pollute, using up precious natural resources making things that we don’t need and then wasting other men’s lives asking them to try and convince the rest of us that we do need these things.  We are not supposed to keep wasting our lives and money on continued education for knowledge that is lost if not used right away and often just to keep the world turning.  The poor should not have to get into debt trying to compete with the wealthy who can well afford these endless educations.  Very few positions cannot be learned on the job, but again this is big business so this is how we are forced to live.

When I look at the world I think of what Jesus said so many years ago about the way of the world not being right.  Instead of men naturally trying to help one another they just try to find ways to help themselves to what their brother has.  Most of these attempts are considered legal, but in whose eyes?

“Success is to be measured not so much by the positions that one has reached in life
as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.”  Booker T Washington
I am an author, a poet, photographer, artist in many mediums, seamstress, musician, singer, dancer as well as holding previous full-time jobs as a dance teacher, photo lab tech for numerous companies, banker, accountant, IRS Collection Rep and my favorite being a vendor representative for the largest online interior decorating company in the metro Detroit area.  I know everyone is different but I find that the more active and interested you are in life, the more energy you seem to have.  You don’t want to wear yourself out, as I sometimes do now that I’m older, but just sitting around and watching TV is strange to me.  The times I do watch “hellivision” I do my workouts, go through paperwork or work on some current project if it’s possible.

I have tried to break down information into specific categories for easy access using my personal experience designing this site to give much-needed information that will hopefully save you time and money without having to go through the expense of “learning by experience.”  You should always research any information received to verify accuracy and to see if this will work for you, since we are all different. 

This website is not intended to provide any legal or professional advice.  It is for entertainment only and you use any and all information at your own risk.  All photos, art and content were taken, created and owned by Po’ Girl Shines.  No part of this website may be used,  reproduced or transmitted without the sole written consent of the designer and author, Po’ Girl Shines, except for brief quotations for written reviews.  

Please contact me with any questions in the comment section. 

Thank you and God bless! 

“Each person must live their life as a model for others.”   Rosa Parks


Deck “before” painting.
After painting with exterior porch paint, off white.
My door’s always open!

61 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for finding me so I could find you. I find a lot in your about page that I can relate to and I look forward to swapping great ideas for living simply and more! Lots of love coming your way!

  2. What a wonderful idea. I was just curious if you grew up in the inner city, too. The word ‘po’ was used often while I was growing up, because people were so poor in my town.lol

  3. Po’ Girl, thank you for visiting my blog. I am glad that you did because I have had the opportunity to read your posts and accept the wonderful energy that you are putting into the world. You have a great spirit and it comes through in your writing!

  4. Like you, I’m a big fan of frugal living! Why spend, spend, spend all the time when we’re surrounded by riches already? (Not that we can always recognize them, which may be another reason why folks keep trying to buy their peace and love.)

  5. Thanks for liking my post. I have bought a house with one of my friends, consciously choosing to live co-operatively; one of our aims is to live simply and frugally, for so many reasons. Love your quotes, good luck! I look forward to watching your progress.

  6. Such amazing practical tips about things to do, and being environmentally friendly at the same time! I love what you are doing here 🙂 Thanks for dropping by at my blog!

  7. Neither do men light a lamp, and put it under a bushel, but on a lamp stand; and it gives light unto all that are in the house.
    Matthew 5:15

    Nice to see you’re letting your light shine for all.

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