IRS Self-Help

I apologize that I have sorely neglected information regarding IRS tax resolution, which I used to do for a living.

As an expert in IRS tax collection matters, I am recommending “Don’t Mess With The IRS” as an inexpensive way to resolve any ACS tax collection issue from non-filing to options for paying any penalties or back tax.

The book also covers very important information on how to go about resolving your issues so that you cover every base.  What to do before you call such as having a working pen and paper to write down ALL the information you are given because deadlines are very important and time frames to resolve are always given to the taxpayers.  How to get legitimate legal representation if you should need it is covered as well as what you can expect during your initial contact with the IRS.  This book is invaluable if you have any Federal tax issues or expect to have them.

For the time being, I can no longer offer “Don’t Mess With The IRS An Unauthorized Customer Service Guide to Resolving Your ACS Collection Issues.”


Daily Post: Gone With The Windfall!

My New Home
My New Home

Like I posted in a comment earlier today of why Po’ Girl Shines is the name of my post!

If I had that kind of money, I would begin a new blog called “Rich Bitch” but maybe “Moderately Wealthy Woman Sparkles!” would be more like it.

After taxes,  you probably only have half that amount.  After helping out a large family and few donations I would just pay off this house so I don’t have to foreclose and I would be about where I am now.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

img640My sister wanted me to take back the pastel drawing of an Orangutan I had given her many years ago so that others would not take it after she passed.  She always loved monkeys and collected them and gave it a place of honor on her walls till her death at the beginning of this year.

One of my brothers then asked me if he could have it when I come up to visit him in the future.  I guess it must be a work of art and you never know what you are capable of until you try something.  Some of my art is mediocre and some I do really like.  When I was young, I hated everything I created.  Somehow I got over that as I got older.  Then the pendulum swung the other way for the fact that I loved everything I did, even if it was crap!

Daily Post: The Rage to Live!

Most of my life I was very meek and quiet and it wasn’t because I was stifling anything.  This was my temperament.  I didn’t really care to have things or be something.  I was very content with very little.  Even my husband would get annoyed with me because I never “wanted” anything.  As I got older this changed.  After menopause it really changed!

I would honestly say, well if I could have something, then I want a large home in the country (way beyond our price range) but I didn’t want things, but actually the lifestyle of the country and having gardens and animals.  People didn’t get me mad unless the tried to put me down.  Being raised very poor, I never had good self-esteem but knew who I was and who’s I was so while I didn’t walk around all arrogant and vain, neither did abuse go over well with me.  I never liked cruel people.  They are such hypocrites.  They would never put up with someone treating them disrespectfully, yet they will do it to others.  Never could figure that out since people who treat others badly really don’t like themselves.  There must be a difference between low self-esteem and self-hatred.

I digress.  The only emotion I have ever had a hard time controlling is rage or what I call righteous indignation.  I don’t get mad to get mad but when I see others treated badly or when it happens to me for no reason, I seriously want to rip off that person’s head and spit down their neck, and that’s putting it mildly.  I also have to say that my anger towards unjust situations actually gives me strength to try and do something about it depending on what it is.

Anger is great fuel for protests and such but I wouldn’t suggest mixing anger with anything that effects your decision-making skills such as alcohol or drugs.  I know those serving time because they couldn’t control their anger and lacked the presence of mind to think out their actions before they acted on them.

Rage can help build things or tear them down depending on how it is acted upon.



Writing Challenge: My Lost Art of Basket Weaving

Many years ago I used to love creating warp weave, yarn wrapped baskets, bowls, vases, etc.  My best-selling were the ones I trimmed in feathers.  They were really popular back in the 70’s, early 80’s at school bazaars or local craft shows.  I always worked in earth tones or fall like colors that were popular at the time.  They are still the colors I like to work with the best in all mediums.

Right after my divorce I worked a lot of hours and most all of any art or crafting I once did fell by the wayside to the pure exhaustion that became my daily life.  On weekends, or Sunday, I caught up with my children, people and chores that I didn’t get to during my work week.  Many of my work weeks were 6 days so on my Sundays off I tried to take my kids somewhere, run my errands, etc.

My actual lost art was that of living like a human being was created to live, so other than the fact that I can’t afford my balloon mortgage payments due in a few months and will be losing my home, I may actually begin to begin again now that I am finally retired by forces too numerous to mention.  Cleaning out my only sister’s apartment after she recently passed, I found a number of baskets I had given her years ago.  I still have yarns and basket supplies boxed up.  I pulled a dish out that I had been working on probably 30 years ago.  I just may finish it with some feathers when I done.

This gives me the inspiration to finish it so I can not only post the finished basket, but I will also post some how-to information on the website when I start my next one.