One of Those Nights

Wondering if I should move again.  Just not happy here but not unhappy either.

My wanderlust knows no bounds! Wish I had wings.

I think I need to start drinking, lol!  So jealous of those that can drink, enjoy it.  I never have.  It burns my mouth, I start to feel tired after a few sips, too many calories and a waste of money.

Love it out in the country, but sometimes I miss the noise, pollution and crime of the cities. Wait, no I don’t. I do miss the ability to shop and socialize with certain people that were always too busy for me even when I lived near them. To be fair, I was always too busy myself.

I really miss my sister!

As a writer and an artist, I am an introvert and empathic by nature.  It’s actually painful for me to socialize at times.  I love a good conversation with the right person but frankly most people bore me to tears or scare me.  Very few know how to actually converse about anything interesting, myself included unless I’m in the mood.  My sister was the extrovert and how I met some in my life that I would not have made the effort had she not been a part of my life and reached out to them.

Soon the summer will end….

and fall will begin….

My favorite time for some reason. Maybe all the pretty colors?
There’s that, Autumn colors, Pumpkin Spice, Pumpkin everything, warm woolen sweaters, bonfires, apples, cool crisp air that is so welcome after hot, humid summers.

Frankenfoods And You


I was upset but not surprised to find out that the FDA has OK’d the use of genetically modified foods.  Our American government has not been very kind to its citizens in all respects so why would they care about our health?  Most of you are aware by now that President Obama recently signed a bill protecting Monsanto.  The fact that he even bothered to do this proves that he feels this company is in need of protection for its dangerous practices.  Most of our very large corporations, such as Monsanto, are very large contributors to our politicians campaign funds which are much-needed if they wish to stay in office or get there in the first place.

I don’t believe that anyone’s life and health should be controlled by forces that are not for us.  I don’t believe that just because someone has the money they should be able to run the show, but we all know this is exactly what happens.  The fact that those in our government no longer represent the people, should tell you that voting does not help anything, especially when choosing between two evils.  Since large contributions are needed by our candidates it encourages types that are willing to sell out to run.  That being said, we the people have always had the power to speak up and to make needed changes if enough of us care or our voice is loud enough.

Even if you don’t risk immediate death when eating this produce, there is no proof as to the long-term health risks eating this food may cause.  They are not natural and genetic engineering is very different from cross pollinating and grafting to get better results in various plants and flowers.  With genetic engineering, they can inject animal DNA into our fruits or vegetables making them no longer vegan acceptable.  This results in ethical as well as health dangers and these questions need to be answered before something like this can be allowed no matter who’s getting rich off the proceeds.  They will also be able to use this genetic modification on animals with heaven knows what results.

Our government is going by what the scientists choose to tell them.  Problem is these scientists are all paid for by those with vested interest that they be allowed to do this.  We need some independent research done as well as time to see just how dangerous this is or if it’s even worth all the trouble to do these modifications.  How many of you now purchase fruits of all kind that are unnaturally hard and rot when you leave them out in attempt to ripen?  This happens to me all the time and the flavor is horrible compared to a real vine ripened organic tomato or even a fresh apple.  If for only the fact that our food no longer tastes the way it should, leave our food alone!

Don’t mess with it genetically, stop putting poisons inside and out and maybe we will have far less food allergies and auto-immune problems.  I’m a firm believer that our daily ingested toxins are why so many have cancers, allergies and auto-immune disorders that can’t be explained any other way.

Please do this.  Write your representatives and write the president‘s office telling them that you are not happy with the FDA’s recent decision as well as the President signing of the “Monsanto Protection Act” that was written up by a Monsanto sponsored senator.  And this was after receiving a petition asking him to veto this bill with over a quarter of a million signatures.  That’s inexcusable!

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