Adventures in Edging My Lawn!

Cool down means catching up on all the garden chores I have neglected.

2013JulyGardenMuffin 005I live on a residential street that just happens to be the major thoroughfare off three main streets and leads to 2 large strip malls due to the design of this subdivision .  Lucky me!  I moved here from a completely different area and had I known this, I would have never have taken the house.  With the three-way stop being directly in front of my home, the carbon monoxide never quits and the neighborhood is very near some large factories.  I also did not know that there was a website  Gives you air quality information and this city is not much better than Los Angeles California.

We have just had large areas of the street replaced in which the cement had to be cut by saw for the expansion joints.  It was never washed over so the cement dust flies every time the vehicles drive by.  I was hoping my dust mask will protect my lungs since I used to suffer from chronic bronchitis and asthma years ago until I began avoiding the triggers and protecting my lungs from dust and smoke. 

The lawn service decided to come and spray next door so I came inside til they were done.  Don’t like the fact of overspray on a windy day, but as someone who is completely against chemicals, I find the idea of what they do offensive.  I believe that tolerance has it’s place but if more people don’t wake up fast, we will pass the point of no return.  Too little, too late cannot save the planet that will be taking us with it when it goes.  If you have children or grandchildren or care about what happens to life as we used to know it please see what you can do to be part of the solution.

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Quick Meal With Healthy Carbs

Tuna & Whole Wheat Rotini Salad


Made the above tuna pasta salad with very few ingredients.

1/3 Box of whole wheat rotini (any whole wheat pasta will do)
1/4 C mayo or salad dressing
2 Tbs water
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 Tb sugar
2 Tbs honey mustard
2 Tbs reg or spicy mustard
season salt
2.6 oz pkt of tuna used

After preparing noodles, mixed the dressing ingredients of heating the water, vinegar and sugar to dissolve, then adding the mayo and mustards with season salt to taste. After thoroughly mixing add however much tuna or other seafood you desire. I never salt the water for cooking noodles to keep my sodium level down.

Green Living Hints & Tips

Most cities have mandatory recycling and every bit helps.  You can put things out to be picked up or you can reuse many things in new and unique ways.  You can also recycle by giving things away to those that may have a purpose for it, especially artists who create in mixed media.  Less landfill and sorting!  I love it when any friends or relatives contact me before they dispose of certain things.  Let people know if you have a need for something for your arts such as bottle caps, bottles, cans, etc.


Contact your city to see if you can start a community garden if none exists in your area.  Keep in mind that you will need to be able to water during any dry spells. 

If you do not have a yard to garden, try pots or any containers, preferably outside, though I have been known to grow indoors with proper sun or grow lights.  I have recycled many containers such as gallon paint cans, washed and holes in the bottom for drainage.  You can use old tea kettles, garbage cans of any size or tubs I find at yard sales for a good price.  Just be sure you are able to make drainage holes or your plants could drown with too much rain.GreenHintsgreengarden08072011BdayFamily 002

Don’t allow smoking near your garden due to possible disease that is spread to tomatoes and other plants.  Smoking sucks anyway you look at it.  Very irritating and aging to the body and a waste of money. 


My First Real Garden in The Burbs

Standing in front of my first garden in the burbs.

How Green is Your Garden?

I am chemically sensitive and I have been for many years.  I know a lot of people that have the same problem and the numbers are growing.  Chemicals are big business and the only way this will change is if we stop using those products.  Less demand means less production, less money for advertisement to convince you that you need them, hence less pollution.  We use chemicals for cleaning, lawn care, health and beauty aids, even in our foods.  Now when did granny say, I’ll just add a little more MSG or cottonseed oil when she was cooking dinner?  There is simply no legitimate excuse for our dependence on these toxic additives to our foods especially. 

I understand that there can be a concern at times about a product’s ingredients becoming stale or unstable without their use, but if foods were received fresh and used as intended, the need for many of the additional additives would subside.  Insisting on fresher products may force our governments to allow us to consume products grown or produced in America, which in turn puts more Americans back to work.  Most of our products come from other countries and there is a longer time span from production or harvest to market due to all the import, export procedures and regulations.  Personally I fear any product that should only last a week, tops, lasting for months on a store shelf

Living green means living fresh and organic, as we were created to live.  We were certainly not created to constantly ingest man-made garbage.  There is so much talk about finding a cure for cancers, but I have yet to see the people responsible for this quest do anything remotely that will bring this about.  We certainly don’t need all the marching for donations, which is big business for some.  We need our world leaders and governmental agencies to do the right thing for a change and reduce the world’s pollution that is almost out of control now.  I don’t know about global warming, but I do know that toxic chemicals pollute and poison our air, water and earth daily.  Soon this may not be reversible.  This smog destroys people’s lungs and many inner city children show signs of asthma right away due to their tender membranes and tiny bodies.  Some don’t stand a chance.  Instead of trying to stop this madness, Doctors give these children more chemicals and toxins in their bodies to try to counteract the symptoms.

Most cancers are caused by irritations and the body’s homeostasis being altered allowing the cancers to grow.  I live near numerous factories and since moving here my lungs have become so much worse.  I don’t smoke and never go by smokers anymore due to the chronic bronchitis this causes me.  Gone are the days of drying laundry outdoors unless you live out in the boonies, and that air is still not really fresh anymore.  Our air circulates globally and China is a big polluter next to the U S.

I encourage you to write to your state and federal governments to see what ideas they are coming up with to improve our environment.  Please feel free to offer any suggestions to them that you think may help, just keep it “clean.”