Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify for Halloween!



grimreaperglow-2 pumpkinrainbowHalloween used to be one of my Favorite Holidays when I was young, after Christmas of course.  Halloween is my oldest son’s favorite and he goes all out in decorating each year.  Sometimes including his own costumes, fave being Brandon Lee’s “The Crow.

Yes folks, that’s his real hair!

Enjoy video from some of his previous Halloweens on youtube.com!  Or even scarier!

One of his earlier Halloweens with a jumping apple head for an apple head doll
One of his earlier Halloweens with a jumping apple head for an apple head doll

As a child I lived near one of the oldest graveyards in the area with stones from the 1700’s at least.  A few of us used to go up there to read them.  Thanks to the television program I watched as a young teen, Dark Shadows, I thought cemeteries were very cool.  Ghosts anyone?




I had a very cool Halloween song that I might have shared before.  Starts with:

Jack ‘O Lanterns big black cats and witches that fly in the sky!

I'll get you my pretty, and your little guns too! (hope I don't get deleted)
I’ll get you my pretty, and your little guns too!
(hope I don’t get deleted)

Halloween also led us straight into the other holidays later on.  Used to be we kept the Halloween harvesty feeling way past Thanksgiving and I loved that.  I remember when Christmas didn’t really start til a week or two before Christmas.  Again, that was over 50 years ago and I don’t think that stores were even open on Sundays.  I think they started doing that in the late 60’s, some of them.  I love autumn!  It’s just a great time of year for so many reasons.


Less than a month until Thanksgiving if anyone cares and coming soon to a super market near you, GMO enhanced poultry, also known as



chicken-creepy chicken-creepy-2

Have a safe and Happy Halloween to those that celebrate.

Pleasant Dreams!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun in the Garden

Please enjoy the the beautiful art sculpture found in lovely Cranbrook Garden in Bloomfield Hills Michigan.

These fun photos were taken in 2015 and admission is free for the rest of the 2016 season.

Fun Stuff 4 Rainy Days!

There’s so many!!!!

If you get bored or need a change from the usual rainy day stuff like reading, watching a movie, working on your hobby or playing Spider Solitaire on you computer, no computers allowed!

Try a few of these:

  1. If you’re usually a fine artist, try coloring with crayons or maybe oil pastels.
  2. Take a field trip to a local gallery, museum or arboretum.
  3. Practice dancing, any kind, unless it’s your usual.
  4. If you’re not alone, see if others will join you in a card or board game.
  5. Research a place to take a class in something you’ve always wanted to learn.
  6. Play with some recipes to see how you could change them up next time you cook.
  7. Read through your recipe books to find interesting info you didn’t know before.
  8. Work on a word search or crossword puzzle.
  9. Sit by a window, or somewhere out of the rain, and look and listen to the nature around you.
  10. Hand write anything. A letter to a friend, thank you note, letter to the editor or start a novel!
  11. Call someone on a regular telephone, if you still have one.
  12. Take a long bubble bath, till you prune!
  13. Treat someone that needs or deserves it to a nice lunch.
  14. Stay in your pajamas all day, it’s raining!
  15. Put fresh sheets on your bed and make it up beautifully, then take a nap if you’re sleepy.
  16. Go and get your hair done, do something different!
  17. Go on a grocery run just to see which local grocers have then best prices, biggest selection and the freshest produce for your future shopping needs.
  18. Experiment putting on your makeup and video tape it.  What you decide to do with it later is up to you.
  19. Do absolutely nothing! Daydream, stare into space, doze off if you can and don’t feel guilty.
  20. Write a list of blog post ideas for future posts.



Vintage Labor Day Fun

Like many low middle class families back in the 1950’s, it was a much simpler and happier time.  Not many years out of the great depression, there weren’t a lot of distractions from the real world.  The waters were much cleaner back then and even the birds sang sweeter to me.

I wanted to share some of my early vacation pictures in Michigan.  The oldest of six children, one of my Aunt’s loved taking pictures of me when I was little so our family had a glut of baby and toddler pictures of just me or me with another family member.  We don’t have many pictures of my father because he took off when I was a teen so we don’t have any pictures as a family after the one where we at the park having a picnic.  My father was so fun and talented, but very impulsive with a drinking problem at times.  I wanted to post the few pictures I had of having fun with my father for Labor Day.

We used to camp all over the state of Michigan when we were not visiting my Aunt and Uncles cottage on Black Lake.  I only feel good when I am out in nature and still find myself walking the trails as often as I can taking pictures of the beauty I find.