Your Future Is Unknown

but it is still your future. 

Make the most of everyday and don’t expect perfection from yourself or others.  Don’t dance to the tune of the world, but walk slow and sure and do the best job you can wherever you are placed.  I have experience and talents in many areas and consider myself a Renaissance Woman.  I used to feel bad that I never seemed to excel in any one thing, but that is not important to me now.  Everyone is different and I have always been easily distracted.  I sometimes think I have always been ADD, but never diagnosed, thank God! 

I’m sure the world would label me with some kind of brain dysfunction, but that is the very thing that makes everyone who they were born to be!  My Dr only recently told me that I could be mildly manic-depressive because I am very creative and sometimes have issues.  I believe that it is important to just live and not try to be a “winner.”  That is the way of the world, which is wrong.  Man has made life a contest with a culture that determines winners and losers and those that just fade away (the invisible people). 

Every life is precious, no two are the same and no one can ever be replaced.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

I will sometimes create patterns with my Microsoft Photodraw under Distort and kaleidoscope. I will lock in the effect to add the next one as well as placing any other designer effect to enhance as desired. The above are some examples with the caption of what they were originally. The bottom galleries show how these effects were placed and the results.