Beware the Food Culture of America

It can kill you.

Enough said.

Many of us are killing ourselves with kindness.

We have tons of processed food & are brainwashed into craving it!”

Most of us never learned self-control or self-discipline.
Instead, we are told to be proud of our obesity & we should never be ashamed.
We are expected to wear our fat like a badge of courage instead of over-indulgence.

You can eat quite a lot of foods that grow naturally.

Eating the way nature intended.

Natural foods: Whole grains, dairy, fresh organic meats, fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts, herbs, spices, etc…

Taste better than over processed chemical ridden frankenfoods any day.


Daily Prompt: Rapid Read Household Tips

 Household Tips

If you really want to declutter for this year try throwing away Doubt, Worry, Regret, Bad Feelings & Fear.    Try replacing them with Faith, Hope & Prayer!

Weight Loss

  1. Smaller portions.
  2. Increase exercise.
  3. Adjust all recipes for less fat & sugar.
  4. Most good, healthy meals don’t take many ingredients or need to be complicated.
  5. Omit or decrease dressings, sauces & gravies.
  6. Do not fry your foods, ever!  I have cooked frozen southern style hash browns in my toaster oven with no oil a few times.  I will sometimes coat them with a teaspoon but cooking in oil adds many unneeded calories.
  7. I am not a raw vegetable cruncher.  Adjusted snacks to healthy choices of just small piece of cheese, teaspoon peanut butter, Harvest Snaps, Creative Snacks Co Almond Clusters & dark chocolate.

Always remember that cutting things down is not only healthier for you but saves you money as well.

Daily Prompt: Howl at the Moon and Other Stuff

I have eaten healthy most of my life. Thankfully they did not have fast food when I was young and we were too poor to over indulge in anything, thank God!

Love the local farmers market at harvest time!

Had to start sticking to a very low sodium diet lately in hopes of keeping my blood pressure at a more normal level. I’m so jealous of people who can eat anything and they’re fine. That’s amazing to me. I recently decided to change-up the usual pasta and sauce by baking it. Used an odd larger pasta called Gigli, made my own sauce with a tomato paste base and very low salt, mostly herbs and spices and layered it with some cheese I mixed up with low-fat sour cream, which is naturally low in sodium compared to cheese. Made for a nice creamy base. Recipe to come later on the Recipe page I’m working on.

Low sodium organic canned beans and fresh/frozen green bean salad with vinaigrette dressing.
Low sodium organic canned beans and fresh/frozen green bean salad with vinaigrette dressing.

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Daily Prompt: No Apologies With Ice Cream!

My super guilty pleasure is Moose Tracks Ice Cream and lots of it!

Didn’t used to matter that much when I was younger and ate super healthy all the time and this was about the only fat and sugar in my diet.

I’m trying to cut down to allow for some of the other unhealthy food I now eat and the other day I picked up some natural vanilla ice cream by Breyers instead of my usual.

I had previously purchased some Dove candies that were on sale so I decided to forgo the usual fudge and peanut butter cups that are in Moose Tracks.

Then I got the bright idea to melt some of the dark chocolate candies in some butter and cream for a fudge sauce and split some of the peanut butter candies and throw them into my vanilla ice cream to see if it was close to the real thing.

It was better!

Come On, Move It!

I am not going to waste your time on this site by posting any actual exercises.  There are many of them and most movement is good for you.  The main thing to remember is walking is the best exercise and most natural. We need to be sure to use the upper body to maintain strength as we age. Exercising with small weights can help. As an ex-dancer and dance teacher, I know what a great work out dancing is.
Anyone who has seen Dancing With The Stars can see how many of the contestants lose weight while on the show.  Belly Dancing is a sensual way to become attune to your body as you tone it! It is important not to overdo any exercise and check with your Dr if you have any health issues or are obese before you try anything strenuous.
Working out with others gives people more incentive. You might try checking out your local school’s continuing education programs for any dance or fitness classes that seem reasonable.  Don’t become obsessive about the latest diet or exercise, you need to find a way to move in everything that you do, to incorporate exercise, so you don’t feel like it is something you have to do, it is something your body wants to feel.  The glorious feeling of being stretched and relaxed, not worn out!

Exercise can never be overrated.

Your overall fitness and health depends more on exercise or lack thereof, then your diet when it comes to weight loss and muscle tone.

As long as you are not actually overeating, taking in more calories than you burn and eating really bad, fatty foods, you should be able to eat what you want in reasonable portion sizes and be able to lose or maintain your weight if you move enough.

I knew people that never did structured exercise in their life, but between gardening, having very clean houses, taking occasional walks
and going out dancing once a week, they had great figures even with their healthy appetites.  You never want to be sloth-like, laying or
sitting around all the time.  It is dangerous to lose so much muscle tone, as well as potentially causing blood clots to form.
The more muscle you lose, the more cellulite appears in its place.  Ask any ex-dancer!blondgirl2

Creating Creative Breakfast

I used to think that breakfast meant cereal, yogurt or eggs and whole wheat toast.  Even bagels and cream cheese from Panera or an Egg McMuffin.  I have decided to shed about 10 pounds in the next month or two and I am now trying to streamline my eating for this loss.  Then I figure I can add fairly normal carbs to each meal, even a small dessert, and maintain as long as I stay physically active.

The most important part of breakfast to me now is protein.  A little fiber and even less sugar is OK too.  I know my muscles need the protein and as long as I have sufficient carbs higher in fiber, it will be good for me even while losing the weight.  I sometimes make up 6 of these little breakfast h’orderves.  I do know that if I keep my portion small with enough protein, I do not feel hungry soon after like I was doing eating larger meals.  It is a deadly cycle.

Eat alot, crave alot!  I hate it!

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These are some breakfasts that taste good, and are high in protein but equally high in fat so not so good for you.  Just make sure to eat smaller amounts.