Fun Stuff 4 Rainy Days!

There’s so many!!!!

If you get bored or need a change from the usual rainy day stuff like reading, watching a movie, working on your hobby or playing Spider Solitaire on you computer, no computers allowed!

Try a few of these:

  1. If you’re usually a fine artist, try coloring with crayons or maybe oil pastels.
  2. Take a field trip to a local gallery, museum or arboretum.
  3. Practice dancing, any kind, unless it’s your usual.
  4. If you’re not alone, see if others will join you in a card or board game.
  5. Research a place to take a class in something you’ve always wanted to learn.
  6. Play with some recipes to see how you could change them up next time you cook.
  7. Read through your recipe books to find interesting info you didn’t know before.
  8. Work on a word search or crossword puzzle.
  9. Sit by a window, or somewhere out of the rain, and look and listen to the nature around you.
  10. Hand write anything. A letter to a friend, thank you note, letter to the editor or start a novel!
  11. Call someone on a regular telephone, if you still have one.
  12. Take a long bubble bath, till you prune!
  13. Treat someone that needs or deserves it to a nice lunch.
  14. Stay in your pajamas all day, it’s raining!
  15. Put fresh sheets on your bed and make it up beautifully, then take a nap if you’re sleepy.
  16. Go and get your hair done, do something different!
  17. Go on a grocery run just to see which local grocers have then best prices, biggest selection and the freshest produce for your future shopping needs.
  18. Experiment putting on your makeup and video tape it.  What you decide to do with it later is up to you.
  19. Do absolutely nothing! Daydream, stare into space, doze off if you can and don’t feel guilty.
  20. Write a list of blog post ideas for future posts.