Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest to be the Best

Good Morning!


My quest is to have the best blogs I can from this day forward. Now let’s see if I keep that promise. My goal had always been to provide needed information to others regarding many aspects of living in todays very confusing world, with a little entertainment and pretty pictures.


I want to give others ideas and shortcuts to living in a world that will rob you blind spiritually as well as financially. It was supposed to give definite tips to save money, offer suggestions to solve various lifestyle issues such as cooking, cleaning, decorating, gardening and crafting. I have really fallen short in this area because as my mother used to say “obviously, it’s too much like work” now.

Even though I have experienced the joys of motherhood myself, it was so many years ago this is definitely not a “mommy blog.”

I plan to have more recipes, gardening tips and photo enhancement tips from Photoshop, which I seldom use, Microsoft Photodraw the first photographic software I purchased and still us even though support stopped many years ago to Ulead PhotoImpact which has awsome particle effects like lighting and fog.

Thank you all for your patience and I hope you will enjoy the new, improved Po’ Girl Shines. I owe my faith and hope to Jesus. God bless you all. Peace to you all.

Fun Stuff 4 Rainy Days!

There’s so many!!!!

If you get bored or need a change from the usual rainy day stuff like reading, watching a movie, working on your hobby or playing Spider Solitaire on you computer, no computers allowed!

Try a few of these:

  1. If you’re usually a fine artist, try coloring with crayons or maybe oil pastels.
  2. Take a field trip to a local gallery, museum or arboretum.
  3. Practice dancing, any kind, unless it’s your usual.
  4. If you’re not alone, see if others will join you in a card or board game.
  5. Research a place to take a class in something you’ve always wanted to learn.
  6. Play with some recipes to see how you could change them up next time you cook.
  7. Read through your recipe books to find interesting info you didn’t know before.
  8. Work on a word search or crossword puzzle.
  9. Sit by a window, or somewhere out of the rain, and look and listen to the nature around you.
  10. Hand write anything. A letter to a friend, thank you note, letter to the editor or start a novel!
  11. Call someone on a regular telephone, if you still have one.
  12. Take a long bubble bath, till you prune!
  13. Treat someone that needs or deserves it to a nice lunch.
  14. Stay in your pajamas all day, it’s raining!
  15. Put fresh sheets on your bed and make it up beautifully, then take a nap if you’re sleepy.
  16. Go and get your hair done, do something different!
  17. Go on a grocery run just to see which local grocers have then best prices, biggest selection and the freshest produce for your future shopping needs.
  18. Experiment putting on your makeup and video tape it.  What you decide to do with it later is up to you.
  19. Do absolutely nothing! Daydream, stare into space, doze off if you can and don’t feel guilty.
  20. Write a list of blog post ideas for future posts.



Saving Winter Skin


At my age it’s moisturizer all the time, especially in Michigan’s dry winter heat.  These are the products I swear by at the present due to quality and cost.  There was a time before the availability of hypoallergenic, fragrance free that I had to use almost strictly Clinique, which is a good product but very expensive relative to what I now use.

2015BathProductsFood 006

For cleaning and bathing I prefer Dove hypoallergenic, fragrance free body wash with nutrium moisture and their soap of the same type.  Witch hazel is great for any areas of your skin that is oily or irritated, so two birds!  I don’t normally even need skin cream when I use the body wash, it’s that rich.  Dove does have other types of body wash so if you are not fragrance sensitive, you can feel free to try other types, deep moisture and winter care being two.  Even if you don’t think you have sensitive skin, try a bar vs your regular soap and you may not go back.

2015BathProductsFood 010

There are various skin polishers you can choose from but I have found a washcloth to be my favorite. The brushes are nice to reach your back with either natural boars hair or the mesh bath sponges. I found one with a plastic handle so you can replace the sponge as needed. It really makes a difference to lightly scrub your skin when you bath, being sure not to rub so hard that you cause irritation.

2015BathProductsFood 008

Since I am fragrance challenged I have managed to find this great shampoo and conditioner at Whole Foods that is fragrance free for normal to dry hair.  It is 365 everyday value.  I think they were $2.99 each for the 16 oz.  I purchased the Desert Essence Organic fragrance free shampoo out of necessity one day because the Whole Food stores are quite far from my home but I think I paid $7 or $8 for 8 oz., but it actually does make my hair much nicer and it’s very concentrated.

2015BathProductsFood 005I have been using CeraVe as a facial cream because it’s very light and really moisturizes.  Curel itch defense is great for the body and really does feel soothing.  It is just a little thicker of a cream so not something I would use on my face, but I’m sure you could.  The bliss body butter is very thick and emollient and I use this for my hands and feet for extra protection.  It comes in great fragrances that are natural and not super strong.  I don’t have a reaction to their scents, but usually opt for “naked” which is their fragrance free.

Hope this gives you some information about what is out there for dry sensitive skin that is affordable and actually works.  The bliss body butter is not available near me, but I have found it online.  FYI, that product is very expensive!  Click on the product names for more information and possible coupons.