Writing Challenge: My Lost Art of Basket Weaving

Many years ago I used to love creating warp weave, yarn wrapped baskets, bowls, vases, etc.  My best-selling were the ones I trimmed in feathers.  They were really popular back in the 70’s, early 80’s at school bazaars or local craft shows.  I always worked in earth tones or fall like colors that were popular at the time.  They are still the colors I like to work with the best in all mediums.

Right after my divorce I worked a lot of hours and most all of any art or crafting I once did fell by the wayside to the pure exhaustion that became my daily life.  On weekends, or Sunday, I caught up with my children, people and chores that I didn’t get to during my work week.  Many of my work weeks were 6 days so on my Sundays off I tried to take my kids somewhere, run my errands, etc.

My actual lost art was that of living like a human being was created to live, so other than the fact that I can’t afford my balloon mortgage payments due in a few months and will be losing my home, I may actually begin to begin again now that I am finally retired by forces too numerous to mention.  Cleaning out my only sister’s apartment after she recently passed, I found a number of baskets I had given her years ago.  I still have yarns and basket supplies boxed up.  I pulled a dish out that I had been working on probably 30 years ago.  I just may finish it with some feathers when I done.

This gives me the inspiration to finish it so I can not only post the finished basket, but I will also post some how-to information on the instructables.com website when I start my next one.


10 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: My Lost Art of Basket Weaving

  1. I remember those baskets. I had one a friend made me. She used navy and cream wool yarn as a wrap around the coil. I loved it but don’t know where it is anymore. I probably sold it along with hundreds of other baskets when I moved to Mexico. I love yours. Thanks for reading my blog. Hope to see you there again. Judy

  2. They look beautiful Po Girl.
    I find my life lately upside down. I have heard it said that the dance we do with God is nothing more then a step or two to correct when it seems we are not in touch with him. I’m not sure if that’s how you feel but I felt like I could relate to you and that is kind of where I am at. I believe the times we think God is the farthest from us and our world appears like it is falling apart is actually the times he is closest to us and we are being put in a place he needs us to serve him and the people we love the best.

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