Daily Post: Gone With The Windfall!

My New Home
My New Home

Like I posted in a comment earlier today of why Po’ Girl Shines is the name of my post!

If I had that kind of money, I would begin a new blog called “Rich Bitch” but maybe “Moderately Wealthy Woman Sparkles!” would be more like it.

After taxes,  you probably only have half that amount.  After helping out a large family and few donations I would just pay off this house so I don’t have to foreclose and I would be about where I am now.

4 thoughts on “Daily Post: Gone With The Windfall!

  1. Sometimes I think about changing the name of my blog, too. Even though I do show pics of Lake Superior land and talk about it sometimes, a lot of times it’s about random subjects.

    1. I have two blogs because I have very different subjects I wish to discuss. One’s frugal living and one is regarding my views on events in the world as seen by an older woman’s eyes. Good luck and God bless!

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