Daily Prompt: Wish I Could Just “Hit The Bottle” Sometimes

I seldom ever indulge in alcohol. Never liked it in any form “grape juice that burns!”

I will not go as far as to say I am jealous of those that love to drink or get high but sometimes, well, yes I am, sorta.  My body has never been able to handle chemicals of any kind very well.  The Doctors tried like heck to give me something I didn’t react badly to when I had to have major surgery many years ago.  Even the “good stuff” as one called it, in a low dosage was problematic.

I am extremely chemically sensitive.  Not allergic in a dangerous sense, but swelling and rashes and reactions at times so I learned to do things more “naturally” than what many do in their lives.  Grab the latest advertised product and screw up the environment a little more.  I go with Vinegar and baking soda to clean, usually.  I am able to use the Lysol with hydrogen peroxide when I really want to kill germs without much irritation.

My husband and I used to make our own wine for a while.  No sulphites, of course.  I had no idea that our wine was being systematically poisoned like this by the alcohol industry.  People need to be aware and ask before purchasing their wines if they care.  There are many wineries now, especially in my area, and most do put that chemical in their wines that can cause problems in some especially with asthma.

Cloth Masks in Art Pieces

These pieces are still in progress, will up date later when completed.

Uncorking Wine and having great weather here

     Uncorking wine on a Sunday morning is not my usual style.  The “spirit” moved me to add some white wine in the sauce that I was making for my Pasta dish planned for lunch.  I had an old bottle of Pinot Grigio, 2002.  It was my understanding that this type of wine did not age well at all.  It has been stored these many years in a cool, dark area of my basement.  I figured, since this was 2012 and the end of the world and all, I may as well get some use out of it. 

     I actually remembered to video trying to uncork the bottle with my new 2-prong wine thing, instead of the usual pain-in-the-rear cork screw.  Ended up using the corkscrew anyway. 

     The wine was cheap to begin with and was only purchased years ago for a photo shoot.  I had not had a drink of alcohol in over 20 years when I started to allow myself an occasional taste of various wines that I hear so much about on-line and on the TV foodie shows.  There are a few that are a delight, most are not.  So now I very seldom if ever drink again, but love to cook with the stuff.  I add it to all kinds of sauces and stews and whenever I cook fruit, semi-sweet red wine adds a richness to the taste, no matter what the fruit.  Yum, I was just remembering the fruit I cook in the fall.  Peaches, pears, apples, cherries, some sugar and cornstarch, do not over-sweeten, and 1/2 Cup of Michigan Cherry Wine.  All those flavors combined to something that is too good to describe, you will have to try it yourself.


Taken at Henry Ford Fairlane Manor after days of temperatures in the 70’s here.  Unfortunately there were some tornado touchdowns that destroyed many homes and businesses in Dexter Michigan as well as bringing strong storms across the entire area.