Daily Prompt: Wish I Could Just “Hit The Bottle” Sometimes

I seldom ever indulge in alcohol. Never liked it in any form “grape juice that burns!”

I will not go as far as to say I am jealous of those that love to drink or get high but sometimes, well, yes I am, sorta.  My body has never been able to handle chemicals of any kind very well.  The Doctors tried like heck to give me something I didn’t react badly to when I had to have major surgery many years ago.  Even the “good stuff” as one called it, in a low dosage was problematic.

I am extremely chemically sensitive.  Not allergic in a dangerous sense, but swelling and rashes and reactions at times so I learned to do things more “naturally” than what many do in their lives.  Grab the latest advertised product and screw up the environment a little more.  I go with Vinegar and baking soda to clean, usually.  I am able to use the Lysol with hydrogen peroxide when I really want to kill germs without much irritation.

My husband and I used to make our own wine for a while.  No sulphites, of course.  I had no idea that our wine was being systematically poisoned like this by the alcohol industry.  People need to be aware and ask before purchasing their wines if they care.  There are many wineries now, especially in my area, and most do put that chemical in their wines that can cause problems in some especially with asthma.

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Wish I Could Just “Hit The Bottle” Sometimes

  1. sulphites is a chemical that is naturally produced in wine. Manufacturers who add more sulphite do it to preservative. Hench no wine is ever sulphite free. if you never added it to wine it just makes that wine have less sulphite then if they would put it in….

    1. I have never heard that sulphites are naturally produced in any wine or there would not be sulphite free wines that are offered. Sulphites are used to preserve fruit in wines and many dried fruits as well.

    1. Wine making was very popular back in the 70’s, not that hard. They used to sell kits, which we purchased initially and made 5 gallons of raspberry wine. Once we got the hang of it, we actually picked wild blackberries one year on his family’s property up north and made a great batch of blackberry wine. I preferred our own wine and would love to do this again one day. “Racking” was the most time consuming after initially juicing the berries with fresh fruit. 🙂

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