Daily Prompt: “Rectum, Darn Near Killed ‘Um!”

When I used to work in the Automated Collection System for the Internal Revenue Service there was an email that made the rounds that someone started to make us feel better about our highly stressful position.  It claimed that there was someone who actually tested the anal thermometers so I guess that was supposed to make us feel better about the daily reamings we received dealing with the angry taxpayer calls when they found levies on their bank accounts or liens on property.  We did the dirty work for them.

According to Snopes.com, it was a joke.  Click on the site if you wish to hear the whole story.


Daily Prompt: Isn’t Your Face Red

A few years ago I decided to be silly and send a fake email response to a departmental “prompt” at work of what was your most embarrassing moment.  It was April 1st so I decided to answer with a doozy that was embarrassing but totally fiction.  I thought it was very obvious and funny and my plan was to wait until almost the end of the day before I sent the follow-up “APRIL FOOLS!”

I was so shocked that a co-worker in another department that I did not know, sent me an email with an “Oh you poor kid, what a terrible thing to have happen” type of response because she obviously thought that it was real, even though I made it so over the top!  I was sure anyone would be able to figure out it couldn’t possibly be for real.

I was embarrassed due to the fact that I decided against the follow-up “APRIL FOOLS” because I didn’t want to make that really sweet woman feel like a fool.  So naturally it gave the appearance that this really embarrassing thing happened to me, which I absolutely didn’t want anyone to think was true.  So that was very embarrassing to me!

My face actually does look red!