Daily Prompt: Isn’t Your Face Red

A few years ago I decided to be silly and send a fake email response to a departmental “prompt” at work of what was your most embarrassing moment.  It was April 1st so I decided to answer with a doozy that was embarrassing but totally fiction.  I thought it was very obvious and funny and my plan was to wait until almost the end of the day before I sent the follow-up “APRIL FOOLS!”

I was so shocked that a co-worker in another department that I did not know, sent me an email with an “Oh you poor kid, what a terrible thing to have happen” type of response because she obviously thought that it was real, even though I made it so over the top!  I was sure anyone would be able to figure out it couldn’t possibly be for real.

I was embarrassed due to the fact that I decided against the follow-up “APRIL FOOLS” because I didn’t want to make that really sweet woman feel like a fool.  So naturally it gave the appearance that this really embarrassing thing happened to me, which I absolutely didn’t want anyone to think was true.  So that was very embarrassing to me!

My face actually does look red!

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