Weekly Photo Challenge: The Early Bird Makes the Muffin

Sometimes mildly bi-polar is not so bad.  I’ve never been officially diagnosed as such but it runs in my family and my Doctor recently told me that it’s possible I may be “mildly” bi-polar because I’m a creative type and very sensitive.  I’ve always been able to function normally, sort of, so this comment did not surprise me in any way.  Not sure why all the labels they insist on giving everyone, but on to the challenge and that is I made blueberry muffins early this morning.  Someone gave me a whole slew of frozen blueberries last week and I’m not going to let the go to waste!  Besides, I have to make way in the freezer for ice cream cause summer’s comin’ fast!  Thank God!

Sometimes it appears I become obsessive when taking photographs of various subjects, which is why digital is truly a blessing.  I used up rolls of 35mm film years ago and it was quite expensive.  I was playing with my macro lenses and want to share some of the over 100 shots I took this morning.

I couldn’t stop!  Blueberries produce such fascinating hues and muffins are so textured!  Enjoy my blueberry muffin art and try not to get hungry.  There is a recipe at the bottom in case you want to try these.


I Think That I Shall Never See A Bad Tasting Blueberry!

Blueberry Scone Bread

It’s that wonderful time of the year.  Even with the drought, the blueberries are coming into season in Michigan.  I usually just eat them plain after washing them in a vinegar rinse to get the pesticides off.  As delicious as blueberry dishes are, I try to eat them plain because I don’t like the additional calories and added fats.  However…

I did have some getting a little soft and always cook them up with some sugar or in a dish to preserve them longer.  Waste not, want not!  The following is a blueberry Scone bread that I made and I also cooked some berries in a couple of Tablespoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of cornstarch in the microwave for a few minutes to thicken into a sauce.  Then I broke down and went to a local bakery and saw they were selling pieces of their chocolate fudge cake.  I tried using the cake as a base for the blueberry sauce and it was really good!  I replace the butter and or sour cream in the scone recipe with low-fat yogurt and some mayonnaise and it tastes great with less fat.  Experiment.  Then just eat your failures or give them away.  I did not make all the dishes the same day!  You can always freeze some for a treat during the winter months.  I always cook up some fresh fruit sauces to eat during the winter months on pancakes or waffles.  Hearty meals are not a problem as long as you don’t eat like that all the time.

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