Daily Prompt: Sugar, ah Honey, Honey

My one and only vice at this time.  As a borderline diabetic, I’m ashamed of myself as any alcoholic would feel falling off the wagon every time I over indulge and know I do it with some risk.  I have always loved sweets, but mostly just chocolate and ice creams with some kind of fudge or chocolate in it or on it.  For years I kept my cravings under acceptable control.  A piece of chocolate here and there.  A small bowl (or two) of ice cream after dinner in the evening.  Now it’s over the moon due to once I start eating sweets, it’s hard for me to stop.  I started drinking coffee with International Delight French Vanilla which is so delicious on its own and it sets my palate for more sweets like maybe a donut or scone instead of oatmeal, toast or an egg.

Since I’m new in my small town, about two months now, I have already visited a couple local bakeries in the morning if I wake up and feel the need to get out because it’s just too quiet and they have a no noise thing before 8:00 am.  I’m po’ so a buck or two for something sweet is better than forking out four or five dollars for an omlette.

Enjoy the visions of sugar (not plums) dancing on my screen!

View this post at your own risk of drooling and spontaneous eating frenzies. For entertainment purposes only!

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sugar, ah Honey, Honey

  1. OK, I know you don’t want to hear this but sugar is bad enough. And non-dairy coffee creamers- of which, International Delight French Vanilla is one- are the worst things to put into your body. All chemicals probably. I haven’t read the contents but you keep eating this stuff and drinking that stuff and you’ll be a Po’ Girl Sick! My vice is salt. And wine. So I know how bad these cravings can be but I will gladly supplement your income if only to prevent you from using International Delight French Vanilla. (I used to love the hazelnut but this was a close second!) 🙂

    1. I appreciate your comment and information. I did wonder about the ingredients for these non-dairy creamers and have been using this for years now. I should just stop, but I think they put some kind of addictive substance in it!

      1. They probably do. Maybe there’s a 12 step program you could get into? “Hi, my name is Po’ Girl, and I’m a non-dairy creamer addict!” 🙂

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