Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

If you’re a garden!

“But green‘s the color of spring!”

Soon it will be pea-pickin’ time! I used to plant my peas end of March, beginning April, along with other cool weather crops such as lettuce, spinach and radishes. I didn’t especially like radishes but I tolerated them because I grew them myself organically and could enjoy the fruits of my labor within 30 days! Lettuce and spinach took a little longer if I could keep the rabbits away. Loved living out in the country more when I gardened. There were no small varmints to ruin your crops because the big varmints got them and the bigger ones never came around my house though they were sometimes spotted out in the fields.

Even though my garden in the city was not successful at all as far as a source of food, it was a nice sanctuary to relax in after a hard day’s work.

Organic Gardening and Global Warming

There is definitely something causing problems with the earth and most of this is from man’s industrialization and pollution of air, land and water.  We only have one earth and even though yesterday was officially Earth Day, every day should be earth day!

It’s very important that we all be part of the solution instead of the problem and try to consciously refrain from the use of products that harm the environment even if you may have to work a little harder to achieve similar results, like weeding, for instance.  You can click on my Green Gardens page for more organic gardening tips.

We had a speaker at my elementary school back in the 1960’s that spoke of all the pollution that was being done at that time and I can only imagine that we are headed towards a point of no return to ever saving this planet one day very soon.

When our bees are gone, so are we.

Even more important than problems with our environment are the problems with the hearts and souls of mankind. There was a reason that religious teachings were so important to any civilized society and we are now finding out why. Even a poorly trained dog is hard to handle but a man who is not told the truth may lose his own soul. I made this video years ago when all the talk of global warming started because I thought there was really more important problems that man faced at this time.

Green Living Hints & Tips

Most cities have mandatory recycling and every bit helps.  You can put things out to be picked up or you can reuse many things in new and unique ways.  You can also recycle by giving things away to those that may have a purpose for it, especially artists who create in mixed media.  Less landfill and sorting!  I love it when any friends or relatives contact me before they dispose of certain things.  Let people know if you have a need for something for your arts such as bottle caps, bottles, cans, etc.


Contact your city to see if you can start a community garden if none exists in your area.  Keep in mind that you will need to be able to water during any dry spells. 

If you do not have a yard to garden, try pots or any containers, preferably outside, though I have been known to grow indoors with proper sun or grow lights.  I have recycled many containers such as gallon paint cans, washed and holes in the bottom for drainage.  You can use old tea kettles, garbage cans of any size or tubs I find at yard sales for a good price.  Just be sure you are able to make drainage holes or your plants could drown with too much rain.GreenHintsgreengarden08072011BdayFamily 002

Don’t allow smoking near your garden due to possible disease that is spread to tomatoes and other plants.  Smoking sucks anyway you look at it.  Very irritating and aging to the body and a waste of money.