Daily Prompt: Fog

I love the look of fog, but never breath the stuff anymore.  Very bad for your lungs.  Rule to follow is:


Never breath any air you can see!

I used to love the horror movies back in the day, usually foreign, that had lots of fog added for spooky effect.  I cared more for the movie’s atmosphere than the dialog and certainly like shadows and fog much more that buckets of blood, which by the way I think is the name of a horror movie.  The Fog was very eerie movie made in the 1980’s very well done.  I believe they did a remake years later which I have never bothered to see.  I have never seen a remake yet that I have remotely enjoyed.  They muck them up with so much needless gore that it’s just a waste of time to those not of a serial killer nature.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

Creepiness is in the eye of the beholder.  Some are creeped out by fingernails on a blackboard, but hard to show for a photo challenge.  Most are creeped out by insects like spiders, cemeteries, storms, full moons and foggy nights.  I am creeped out by all evil.  From the inconsiderate litterers to terrorists.  They show the world what they think of themselves.  When you poop on the world and others, you are really pooping on yourself.


Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood got Lost in the Details

Really poking the last couple of weeks and not only has my neighborhood become lost in the details, but so has my brains because I swore I would not miss one of these challenges!

Since the “details” is fog, due to a very chilly and damp March so far, I have decided to upload some early spring flowers that I look in 2012 at the same time this year.  There are absolutely no early spring flowers here yet, but dare to dream!