Blessed Rain

There was a storm last week and it was so great!  It was not bad in my area and we really needed the rain desperately.  I am still doing a rain dance in my head for the rest of America so the drought will go away.  Our economy is bad enough without the farmers having to share in this misery.  It is very scary to think that if this were to keep up and we really did not have enough rain soon that it will adversely effect all the food that is grown and that in turn effects everything!  The least of which is the cost of what food we do have going up, the most is more people actually starving.  I have not been able to grow any sustainable food in my garden this year, even with additional careful watering.  The animals are ravenous and even with my bird baths, the birds got every berry off my shrubs this year.  This has never happened even with my yard full of birds every year.  I went out once to check for ripeness and you should have heard the commotion.  First a few of them gathered squawking, then more kept flying over by me griping loudly.  I swear they were afraid I was going to pick some and I would have if any had been ripe at the time.

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