Organic Gardens = Too Many Varmints

I will gladly take the worms

and bugs amidst the sighs,

to know I grow the purest things

that won’t sit on my thighs!


We have really been having a scorcher all over the USA.  Hopefully we will cool off soon and get much needed rain to put out all the wildfires and keep our gardens growing.  Dearborn Michigan was over 100° for the heat index a few days ago, and I know we were one of the cool areas.  It is 12:30pm and currently 86° with the forcast only for 87° I wonder.  Most of the heat is in the southeast at this time with still no sign of much rain anywhere, especially in the areas that need it the most.

As a Christian I pray, but I realize I never really pray about the weather.  I think this is a good time to start.  I wonder what would happen if everyone reading this blog prayed for rain.  It’s sort of like doing a little rain dance in your head, in the name of Jesus!


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