Creating Creative Breakfast

I used to think that breakfast meant cereal, yogurt or eggs and whole wheat toast.  Even bagels and cream cheese from Panera or an Egg McMuffin.  I have decided to shed about 10 pounds in the next month or two and I am now trying to streamline my eating for this loss.  Then I figure I can add fairly normal carbs to each meal, even a small dessert, and maintain as long as I stay physically active.

The most important part of breakfast to me now is protein.  A little fiber and even less sugar is OK too.  I know my muscles need the protein and as long as I have sufficient carbs higher in fiber, it will be good for me even while losing the weight.  I sometimes make up 6 of these little breakfast h’orderves.  I do know that if I keep my portion small with enough protein, I do not feel hungry soon after like I was doing eating larger meals.  It is a deadly cycle.

Eat alot, crave alot!  I hate it!

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These are some breakfasts that taste good, and are high in protein but equally high in fat so not so good for you.  Just make sure to eat smaller amounts.