Scared the Turd Out of a Little Bird Today

I swear it screamed!  If birds can scream, this little bird actually screamed when it looked back and saw that I was right behind him.  That he actually let his guard down like that and could not sense “human inches away” must have freaked his little bird brain right out.  He was digging feverishly in the sun-scorched dry dirt for something, anything that even resembles a bug so it took him a few seconds and he let me walk up to him and stand for a few seconds before he looked back and with a very loud and shrill TWWEEEET, took off across the yard.

I do have bird baths and fountains so they are getting enough water and cooling off, but they are eating all of my black and red raspberries this year.  If I go out near the berries they start squawking and gathering all around by me like a scene from the birds.  They do not want me near their food supply.  I tried to get it on film, but when I go out with a video cam, almost no birds are in sight.  When I step out by myself they are doing all kinds of “fly” things.  One large robin was sitting in the middle of the berry bush, looked at me come towards her and just kept eating and ignoring me so I stood there resolute in the knowledge that I will not be getting anything from my garden this year.  Then if by chance they miss something, yeah me!

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