Weekly Photo Challenge: Prolific or Obsessive-Compulsive?

And does it matter?  I believe many artists have some kind of  obsessive-compulsive deal going on or they couldn’t work and produce prolifically as some do.  People love labels but we are all unique even in our similarities.  There are varying degrees of most “conditions” and depending on this, I believe, is whether we will suffer or thrive in life.   You need just the right combinations in life for that perfect result, not that perfection actually exists here.

God is perfect and Prolific.  His creations show it.  Especially during this time of year.  Spring!


Daily Prompt: Brick Revival

Another Artist Retreat!

Like artists need a place to create! We can create anywhere when we stop procrastinating.

I have just inherited my family’s estate in the Toronto countryside and have decided to turn the home and the many acres surrounding it to an artist retreat!  The gardens won’t be a problem, they just need to be loved back into existence, but the house is another story.  The nice thing is I will be able to provide some jobs among the locals fixing it up, not to mention office help and a permanent grounds keeper.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates!