My Poor Dance Teachers

I began my dance training at age 3. A toddler. Enough said.

Years later I had the pleasure of teaching students about that age. One teacher with 8-15 students of varied ages but fairly equal in their training with one another.

I finally had to tell one mother, privately of course, that I had to spend too much time asking her child not to hang from the ballet barre & run around & that she might try again later in the next 6 months or so to see if there’s better results. They were easily distracted & not mature enough to handle the discipline needed for this type of an environment. She was incensed at my “criticism” of her child.

Mothers, please don’t start your children in dance until they are old enough or mature enough to follow instructions. It’s not fair to the other children trying to learn & giving the teacher attitude is not fair either. You will always find teachers that want your business & will be willing to teach your child. If I thought the child was sufficiently mature to actually learn dance movements I could have worked something out for private lessons which I did with some students. There would be more expense involved. I would never just take someone’s money under false pretense that I was teaching them when they were not at an age or inclination to learn anything.

With two of our dance students in a local Independence Day Parade.

I don’t post much lately & want to start making short posts on anything that comes to mind that might be of help or inspiration to those who can even find my blog in an over saturated internet.