Another Good Friday

A Christian holiday to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus the Christ, son of God. I have always taken Christian holidays for granted until recently when I realize just how many unbelievers there really are right now that no longer believe in living & allowing others to live their lives.

America was established approximately 250 years ago to be run “for & by the people.” This is no longer the case. We now know that only those who are “approved” by the global elites can run for office or have a chance to serve in any capacity if they do not follow the global agenda & reflect their narratives & goals. You must worship them & not God.

As for me & my house I will serve the Lord & keep the commandments.

Thank you Jesus!

6 thoughts on “Another Good Friday

  1. Happy Resurrection! It is not over yet and God is having the final say. This is the Passover season when the children of Israel were delivered from death, mistreatment, and slavery. The enemy they had known for generations died in the Red Sea. The Egyptians gave them gold, silver and precious fabric, so they were paid for their past wages. The enemy of our souls is going to be exposed, punished and the rightfully elected leader will rule. Wait and see the goodness of God in our land. Many will rejoice. Blessings!

    1. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed Easter, such as it was. Praying for God’s will to be done & all the truth come out in our world in Jesus name. I was just thinking about one of my Jewish cousins who had everything taken from him many years ago, not sure of the specifics, but that it didn’t end well for him. The rest of his family accepted Christ after he passed, and went on to work in the church so they were able to be a blessing to others before they went to their reward. God bless.

      1. Yes, God is having his will done. There were so many that prayed and fasted for the truth and the election. God hears and answers prayers, especially when so many were repenting for the sins of our country. God is not finished with the USA there is a harvest of souls never seen before coming. Exposure has started and there will be much shaking in all areas. Everyone will know that God is still in control and is our redeemer, savior, and deliverer! God is blessing us! ❤️

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