There she was again teasing. She loved it. She seemed to enjoy tempting others with her “goodies.”

How he ached. He was tired of just standing there being a good boy, waiting.

She moaned & licked her lips seductively. He was ready to burst!

He finally decided he could no longer tolerate her constant taunting with little regard to how she was effecting him. A man can only stand so much!

Without breaking his gaze he slowly made his way across the room. Did he finally have the nerve? Should he say anything? What if he gets slapped or worse, arrested?

He no longer cared about society’s mores. He was a man possessed. Driven by a lust that had to be satisfied.

The sweet scent of vanilla filled his nostrils & he began salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs. It’s now or never he thought, his longing overcoming him. No thought social norms or fear of rejection could stop him.

He stood directly in front of her now, eyes glazed over with lust. Now it was he licking his lips. He closed his eyes & reached for her two perfect milky mounds of pleasure.

She screamed, “Take your hands off my ice cream!”

Well you know we all be screaming for ice cream.

I don’t know what’s funnier the story or this image.

Shared one of my old stories from creative writing years ago. Thought something lighthearted would be a nice change of pace. I have books & books of poetry & stories that just sit and beg to put out into the world.

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