Happy New Year

Woke to no heat.  Thankfully it was in the 30’s this morning.  I woke up about 3 am to pee, good thing this was not a “hangover” day for me.  I noticed it felt cold but too lazy to walk to the next room to “turn up the heat” which is what I thought was wrong.  Went right back to bed shivering.  I woke a couple of hours later colder, went to turn it up and felt the radiator cold as ice.


It went out a few times last year.  We have an old boiler in the building but last year after new management took over, my heat has not only gone out once in a while, it’s not as warm as it used to be.  I have not seen the heating & cooling people out here for a while now, maybe saving money.  I have a space heater I turned on and made some hot coffee to warm myself after dressing myself in layers and then wrapping myself in a blanket fleece robe.

I waited for a while to call the caretaker, being a Holiday and all.  At 10 am when it was still out he said he had gotten other complaints and restarted the boiler again.  That was cause for celebration indeed.  Another slice of “better than sex” cake!

It’s alive!

Warm is good.  Cold bad.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. In January 1981, I visited some friends in La Junta, Colorado. The afternoon was 75, but that night it dropped to -10. Their furnace went out, but they had a fireplace. No firewood as they never used it before. We were scrounging up anything that would burn. Thankfully, in the morning, we went to the store and got firewood. The furnace was fixed in a few days.

    My current place has a floor furnace that goes out every year or two. I purchased several space heaters after the first time it happened. I live in the living room since it’s where the furnace is and block off the two bedrooms.

    1. Cool story thanks for sharing. Some relatives of mine do what you do. Live in their living room pretty much, don’t go upstairs much anymore with the bedrooms now closed off.

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