Cemetery Photographs in the Fall

Not as Macabre as one might think.

I am not able to name the cemeteries I photographed but know one is simply the gate from Yerkes Cemetery in Northville, Michigan. I believe the other two at the top of the crosses are from a cemetery somewhere around the Traverse City area in Michigan. All the others were taken in a cemetery in or around Calumet, Michigan.  Two of the figures looked terrible the last time I was up and took these shots.  Here’s an example from years before in black and white.

The End

“They’re coming to get you Barbara….they’re coming for you Barbara….they’re coming for you…LOOK, there comes one of them now!!!”

7 thoughts on “Cemetery Photographs in the Fall

  1. Gorgeous! We’re not getting the color change in the trees yet, not in OH, so this is wonderful to see. Also, I love cemeteries. Is that creepy? I think they’re beautiful and I like to imagine about everyone I see.

    1. The colors are not that great this year in Michigan for some reason. Must be the weather. I have always been fascinated with old cemeteries I think from the Roger Corman movies I saw as a child. He could really set the mood.:)

      1. I read several articles that it’s related to climate change. That it’s been going on for awhile, and especially noticeable this year with changes in temperature, rainfall, insect and animal migration… a lot of stuff that I hope is circumstantial

  2. Great photos! Also, Night of the Living Dead ( the original) is one of my favorite movies✨

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