Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

Goes without saying.


I was thinking of various careers/jobs I could never do but others that have the knack, spirit or just plain guts do for various reason.  Obviously these are people I greatly admire.  Anyone who can do something I can’t or won’t, has my respect and admiration.  The world could not survive without those willing to do jobs that are very hard, unpleasant and or extremely dangerous.

These jobs include but are not limited to: soldiers, police officers, firemen, EMT’s,  doctors, nurses and really anything working with a patient’s life, morticians, airline pilots, air traffic controllers and any jobs where people are responsible for the care and safety of human life.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten some, but you get the gist.

I especially admire our police officers lately because of a few rogue cops, they are all getting a bad name as well as their lives are in more danger than ever before because of all the bad publicity and biased reporting from our liberal news media that appears to make martyrs out of some real bad people just because most gave a police officer no other choice.  You have to wonder what they are thinking to do this since there is nothing to gain by making heroes out of criminals and making those that actually keep law and order the problem.  Granted, some have ego problems and anger issues and have no business being a police officer.  It’s up to their buddies to rat these kind out.  Remember the problems Serpico had whistleblowing on his corrupt and dangerous fellow officers.  He almost lost his life.  With all the electronic media we have all over it is making it much harder to be a creep and go unnoticed, thankfully.

If it gets any worse for these officers, they may just decide to walk off their jobs, then what would all the bleeding heart liberals do, providing they live long enough after this to do anything?  It actually would be easy just like anyone quitting a job.  You can’t take it, you are being treated unfair, your life being in even more danger than it was previously.  I believe there are enough problems that police have with so many learning crimes from the TV and how police chases look cool from Toyota commercials.  Bad judgment on their part.  Very foolish.  Crime is not fun or funny, just ask the victims.

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