Why God, Why?

I always ask this when bad things happen to good or innocent people.  People minding their own business, doing the right thing.  All I ask is for you to question what is going on today in a real way.  Don’t just listen to what I or others have to say about it.  Get in a quiet place literally and within yourself and think about what the problem really seems to be and ask God what you can do to make a difference for the better.

blessings for ParisG

The world needs positive change.  Not just any change.

Dare to be someone’s hero.


6 thoughts on “Why God, Why?

  1. Godless people commit these hideous terrorist attacks because they love death and hate life according to their belief. The netherworld awaits them and rewards them . Suicide bombers are the proof of satanic idolo.yg

    1. We could, but I do know that as much as people consider good things blessings from God, many evil people are just as blessed. Most of their blessings are materialistic, but this is a material world. I don’t question things like this too much or I could begin questioning my faith.

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