Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

How about beginning again.

I am officially retired, I guess.  Lost both of my part-time jobs that I had in 2013 last month but just started collecting a not very substantial social security payment early.

I really am po’ now, but no longer a girl.  I just liked the title.  It sounds better than Po’ Woman Shines.  It also seems better to be poor if you are younger.  When you’re older it somehow screams that you have failed in life.

Thank God I don’t consider life pass or fail.  It’s just life.  I have had my ups and downs, good times and bad and I have never been a slave to money, though I have worked very long and hard in my life.

I still buy my lotto tickets and made sure to dig myself out of the 10″-12″ blowing and drifting snowfall that hit my area yesterday to purchase them.

So this is how I am beginning 2014.  Unemployed and not able to make all the payments needed to stay in my home.  I guess I can hang onto it for a while longer, but as soon as we get the spring thaw, I will begin to search for a place I can afford and have to let my super, duper upside down house go anyway they want it.  If I can’t rent it out, it’s either signed back over to the bank or a short sale.

I have also promised myself now that I have more time, I can really beef up my website or forget about it.

Post or get off the site is my plan.

Below are some pictures of probably the same weather most of you are having.

Good Luck, God Bless and Happy New Year to Everyone!

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