Clipping Coupons is Not Healthy


Extreme couponing is a hyped fad that couldn’t last since people have to have real food to live on.  Typical coupons are for 30 cents off two packages of refrigerated rolls which don’t come close to homemade in taste and ingredients.  It also does not save you money when you compare the prepared food to cost of the ingredients for homemade most of the time.  Most of us don’t need the additional carbs in our diets from rolls anyway.

Weigh the pros and cons of joining any price club or warehouse.  Most cost you an annual $50. fee and offer large sizes of high-end items.  You will save much more just shopping the sales in your local markets.  Part of the large quantities may end up wasted if you cannot store in properly or use it up fast enough.  It does not save money if the product goes bad before you can use it all.  Most of the food offered is frozen or processed as well.  The best idea is to get together with friends or family and chip in for one family membership that you can go in on so you can divide the food as needed.  It has the mental health perk to commune with others while shopping, as long as your relationships are not dysfunctional.  Some people prefer to shop alone.


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