Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

I am of part Native American decent but have never shown much interest in any of my heritage, due to I am from many people, a real mutt, an American. 

I believe my green thumb and love of nature comes from the indigenous blood flowing inside of me.  I would spend most of my time as a child in fields catching snakes and tadpoles, picking wild berries in spring and hazelnuts in the fall.  I was taught about wild plants and would actually forage meals of nuts and berries where I lived many years ago.  My father taught me to hunt and fish with respect to nature and the animals and I was actually given a knife to use when I was very young after given instructions on how to use it properly and safely.  I used to think of myself as the “herb lady” but as you can tell from my blog, this kind of got away from me.  I do only grow organic and still grow some herbs.  Many died when I had my Akita who loved to pee on anything green.  I think my large silver sage died of natural causes as they usually do. 

Enhanced pictures taken from one of the Powwow’s held in Tecumseh Michigan years ago.  I usually don’t take pictures but took a few of this one.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

  1. Beautiful pictures.It might be south American native , my guess is Peru.Thank you for liking my post( Best Version…) Have a pleasant day.jalal

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