Ain’t No Dirty Bird!

Enjoy the young robin taking a bath in a pan of water I leave out so the squirrels don’t try diving into my actual bird bath from the tree above when they are thirsty.

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4 thoughts on “Ain’t No Dirty Bird!

  1. I LOVE this!! There is something so peaceful and wonderful about watching animals interact with their environment. We just got a chameleon and we are enthralled with watching him climb around.

    1. That is so cool! I used to love reptiles when I was a kid. We had snakes, lizards and would catch tadpoles in a pond nearby and watch them turn to frogs and release them back to the pond. Lizards are cooler then people think.

      1. I thought I wouldn’t like the chameleon that much but once I held him I totally fell in love. They are very lovable animals and really cool 🙂

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