Poetry Inside of Me

I have been writing poetry since I was a child.  I think that this is why I love songs so much.  The best of both worlds.  Poetry and music!  I have always wanted to record some of my music, or maybe get someone else to record it.  As well I do have to get a poetry book out, for the heck of it.  Some days I get up and it just comes pouring out of me.  I am a natural writer, and do write a lot.  I can’t figure why I procrastinate when it comes to any of my blogs.  This one just squirted out so I decided to post it right away.  I used to be paranoid about someone stealing my ideas even though I know the artist automatically retains the rights to his creations.  Now with these blogs, it automatically puts the date of when you publish your work publicly so as to remove any doubt of who the original creator is should someone try to take a song or poem that you wrote.  I used to send everything to the be copyrighted and that got expensive.


We are here:
to live & learn, to laugh & cry
to love & hate to suffer & die.
Our life, of course, is not a test
to see if we can be the best.
But gives our God the way to heal
to hug someone, to make a meal.
We’re who we are, I don’t know why
that some are mean and other’s shy.
Make no mistake, that person’s nod
is really from the living God.
So any cruelty on a whim
is being done direct to Him.

Po’ Girl Shines © 2012

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