Peace, Love, Hope Garden Cap Instructables Entry

I submitted an entry for Instructables Fashion contest.  The first prize was a sewing machine that also embroiders.  Didn’t win but at least I tried!

I have put together some photos in a slideshow to kind of walk you through how to make the hat from a pair of old jeans.  I created a pattern from an old cap I still had, took it apart and made the templates from parchment paper and lined it with tea stained muslin.  The jean fabric was rather heavy so the cap is too warm to wear in the sun on a warm day.  I would recommend that you try the same thing with a cotton broadcloth or poplin and leave it unlined.  I went kinda krazy decorating it, but you can just leave it plain or use any fabric of your choice.  Please feel free to check out the patterns as I have written the size of the templates on the pattern so you can copy them to use.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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