Promising a Rose Garden in 1932

My mother’s side has managed to hang on to all kinds of photos since the invention of the camera.  Not sure when some of these were taken, but some were in the 1800’s.

Looking through the stash, I happened upon an envelope of black & white negatives.  Most were of my great grandfather’s home in Detroit and his beautiful rose garden that he was so proud of.  I had never seen these before and I was not aware that he had been such an avid gardener.  I lived with his daughters growing up, my gram and my aunt Ruth, who tended a garden in the yard as well.  Mostly black raspberry bushes and all kinds of flowers.  They had one apple tree, not sure of the type and one Montmorency tart cherry tree.  I used to love to climb the trees to eat of the fruit when they came in season.  My mom tells me recently of all the worms because they did not spray.  I don’t remember ever seeing any worms when I ate the fruit.  I don’t know if that is good or bad.  I guess worms are a lot better for you then pesticide.

I have scanned some of the negatives of my great grandfather’s gardens the best that I can.  I am not sure what type of camera they were taken on, but there are two sizes of negatives, both very large and not numbered.  My great gramps came to America from Canada.  His parents were from Germany.  He passed away before I was born so I never knew him.  His wife, my great grandma, had passed a few years before these pictures were taken.  Even though they are black and white, I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did finding the negatives and turning them back to print.  Check out the rungs on the ladder.  It appears homemade!  It may bring back memories for some of the older folks, for the younger ones, enjoy a trip back in time to 1932!

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