Po’ Girl’s Lazy Upcycled Jacket

Occasionally I shop the clearance sales at Kohl’s to see what I can find.  I have specific pieces in mind,

Clearance price tag

 but am ready for anything, as long as it is a super bargain.  I may not be a girl any more, but I am po’.

 I recently came across a really nice jean jacket with faux fur collar that was almost a steal.  I purchased the jacket, regularly priced at $58.00, for $11.60 then used a 30% off coupon which knocked it down to $8.12.  That is an awesome price!                                                                             

 Check out the price tag.  I always wait until I have a 20 or 30% off coupon before clearance shopping.  They offer a lot of 15% off coupons during the year, but I always wait til I can get big money off. 

Everyone needs at least one jean jacket in their wardrobe.  They go with so many pieces that you can’t go wrong wearing them with just about anything!  I decided that this jacket needed just a little something extra so I hand painted an eagle on the back.  It was not laborious.  I had sketched one many years ago and used it as the pattern.  Did not take long and only used 3 colors.  Black, white and gold fabric paint.  I was going to add feathers to the front, but thought against it for the time being.

Jacket front
Painted Eagle

Now, viola!  I have a one of a kind jacket, that I may decide to wear, sell or give as a gift that was not expensive and did not take long at all to “upcycle!”  I was not able to do this with some other jackets simply because they were center seamed.  The center panel on this style allowed enough unbroken space for the image.

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